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Best selling author, Olympian and inventor, Al Carter (biography) and a team of engineers designed Needak in the mid 80s. Cellerciser then copied Needak in the 90s. Al went on to improve designs, add his patented safety hinges and modify materials to create the newer line called ReboundAIR. Don't be confused by our competitions' claims. Al only works here and exclusively endorses the state-of-the-art designs and materials found in the ReboundAIR line of fine rebounders. Why do we clarify this? Before ReboundAIR, Al endorsed his Needak design. Today, Needak distributors commonly show old video clips of Al promoting their product. But that's "history." (Please visit "...rebounder history and equipment evolution") In fact, both Needak and Cellerciser are owned and operated by Al Carter's former students, each receiving their CR or Certified Reboundologist. Since 1977, we are the leaders of the industry, the originals. Al Carter is our Founder, he is here in the AIR, Inc. office today (call to speak to Al Carter in person) and only endorses ReboundAIR, "the best built, most innovative rebounder on the planet!"


  • Believe our newest clients, Prime Time TV's "The Doctors" (featured TWICE!) and previous customers Anthony Robbins, Bob Hope, Prime Time TV Shows Biggest Loser, Today Show, Best Selling Fitness Author Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, Former President Ronald Reagan, Donna Partow, Natalia Rose, Europe's newest fitness guru Cristiano Verducci... and the list goes on and on.
  • Believe our wonderful clients, numbering in the tens of thousands, dating back to 1977. >> TRY OUR REBOUNDER FOR 30 DAYS << and if you are not convinced, send it back! We cover all materials, workmanship and ALL part for as long as you own your ReboundAIR! This is our way of saying "We want to be your fitness partner for LIFE!"
  • Believe us! OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Decide to purchase the ReboundAIR today and we guarantee you will the purchase the BEST rebounder on the market. We have put a lot of thought into the innovative designs, Soft Bounce (+Ankle Pronation Prevention) technologies, the YEARS of fine tuning, TESTING and patented perfection we put into each of our three models within our fine product line.
Specification Comparative Chart

Al Carter's Exclusive Half-Fold ReboundAIR™
Patents Pending:
no design duplicates exist

Half-Fold Needak brand & common design copies such as Cellerciser


Jump King and Sporting Goods Store Brands*

Lifetime All-Component Warranty Included. Our Lifetime Warranty covers ALL components, plus Wear and Tear Replacement (if ever needed) for the life of your ReboundAIR™ Not included
Needak warranty: 2 years on the springs, leg tips, and spring cover. 5 years on the mat, cleats and spring pins. Lifetime only on the frame.
Not included.
Urban warranty:

1 year replaced parts + shipping / handling
Perhaps a 90 day warranty. Most, warranty not included.
*If you weigh more than 100 pounds, save your money!

ReboundAIR™: Continuous with frame, internally bolted,
small hinge radius, new round design, safe, indestructible.


For a VISUAL hinge comparison, please click "Evolution of the Safety Hinge, Exclusive to the Half-Fold The ReboundAIRTM"

Needak and their design copies: Externally welded.( Bulky, jaw-like, may injure fingers, commonly pinches carpet or tears spring cover. Outdated design from 1985. )Al Carter brought this "first generation" hinge back from Hong Kong and the engineers he was working with at that time.
Urban also has a Needak-type, externally welded hinge. Outdated jaw design from the mid 80's.

Store Brands:

Frame Paint Baked on enamel coat Spray Painted Spray Painted


Permatron Mat



produced by the very talented Ten Cate Nicolon Co., Pendergrass, GA, USA
(The manager is Al Carter's personal friend and a Certified Reboundologist™)

New "X within the Box" addition to industrial strength stitch rows.
Superior mat retention over long life expectancy

Industrial strength stitch rows
Our 180 lb test user stretched the mat within the first week.
Questionable stitch row integrity: We observed mat perimeter has tendency to slide out of circumference bands over time.
High Resilience, Soft Bounce Springs according to composition and pre-load tests by BYU, Dept. of Engineering and Geneva Steel Corp

36 high caliber wide-belly springs,
20 coils per spring, even distribution of stress, uniform shape, no weak bends in the shape of the spring
***Ankle pronation problems are prevented by our tapered spring design and spring tuning. The most innovative springs on the planet, "2V" pairing pattern connecting the 36 springs to the mat AND the tuned tapered shape of the spring itself insures a soft, even, safe jumping surface. Your feet, joints, mind and body will LOVE the ReboundAIR for LIFE.
NOTES: We were the first to recognize ankle pronation and the first to design the wide-belly tapered-end springs, frame pins, closed and protected mat connections and the "2V Pairing Pattern" to prevent ankle problems.


36 springs,
20 coils per spring, sharp bend at ends creating weak points in shape

(Life-Tec's unit, under mild product testing, depressed too far resulting in abrupt "bottoming out". Our 160 lb participant could hit the floor at will.)

36 springs,
bounce started out very resilient and enjoyable...
Low grade, small diameter coils vary, unacceptable rate of failure

"The Bounce"

The Bounce

1 G-Force =
pressure of your body weight

3 G-Force = weight x 3, measured at the instantaneous bottom of the bounce just as momentum changes direction

The ReboundAIRTM:
High resilience, responsive, just the right amount of softness in the rebound-reaction while jumping, jogging and following the latest Rebound Aerobics routines. ("dynamic weight-and-loading accommodation at a 3 G-Force)

At the same time, perfect firmness while stepping onto or simply standing on the mat. ("static weight-and-loading accommodation at 1 G")

The mat and 36 spring combination has been tested, enhanced and modified to provide the safest, most effective soft bounce.
Superior body alignment is achieved by our tapered spring design and "2V Pairing Pattern" securing the springs to the mat.

Your body will look forward to the ReboundAIR™. 10 years down the road, your body will still look forward to "The Bounce"... and the same balanced resilience will still be there on a ReboundAIR™.

Responsive bounce on the Needak. Another nice ride on the Cellerciser.

However, the ideal balance between dynamic resilience and static firmness is yet to be achieved.

Excellent first impression on the Urban jumping surface!

We noticed a decrease in resilience as the mat began to sag around the stitch perimeter and after the 36 springs slightly stretched over time.

Springs could not return to "original conformation", or shape & coil tightness after 10 to 14 days.

Sporting Goods Brand:
Tightness, initial undue firmness during the bounce. Later, once the springs stretch/break and the mat sags/frays, "bottoming out" typically occurs.

Can be quite noisy!

Safe Spring-to-Mat Connection


4 out of 5 feet prefer the The ReboundAIRTM


Out-dated "Bullhorn" design 

Out-dated "Bullhorn" design-- rough cut open ends

Double-Sided Mat Circumfrance Bands Y
Industrial Permatron bond stitch rows. 9 rows of circumference stitching.
New "X within the Box" pattern over top of stitch rows, preventing the possibility of mat circumference "sliding out" over time which creates a chronic sag in competitor mat designs.
8 rows
outdated stitch and pattern methods

(We are in the process of testing)

Variable number of rows.  Single sided band

Spring Cover

ReboundAIR™: Leather-like, superior thickness, superior appearance, black


More details and pictures

Needak and their design copies: Plastic-like, thin nylon, black, tears are common

(Life-Tec's spring cover, under mild product testing, had an unacceptable rate of failure. We removed it for the remaining tests.)

Leather-like Vinyl that seems to be too thin on the home use Urban model; tears are common

Plastic-like, assorted colors

Leg Length 10" 9" 9"

7" or shorter

Spring Lloaded Folding Legs Y Y Y N

Quarter-Fold portable model

The Ultimate Rebound™, a revolutionary new composite Quarter Fold model, custom fitted to an airport dolly


Spring Cover designed to allow folding without tearing Y


Spring cover tears, common complaint


Spring cover tears, common complaint

Rubber Leg Tips ReboundAIR™:
Widest diameter (larger surface area), longest length along leg, concave shape at bottom for increased longevity
Needak and their design copies:
Medium diameter, 1" shorter along leg, 33% less rubber, flat shape at bottom, difficult to remove for stabilizing bar attachment

(We are in the process of testing)

Plastic tips.

Endorsed by Al Carter, the Pioneer and Innovator of the World Rebound Exercise Industry


About Al Carter, Our Founder



(Al can't figure out why Urban has different gym and home models. Why not offer the same to all clients?)



Carrying Case
Stabilizing Bar




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Support Educational Materials

This is the source, the official site, the "Voice of the Rebound Exercise Industry." Al Carter has been lecturing since his first book in 1977, "Rebound to Better Health". ( To our new DVD Distance Learning Certification Course.)

Our next seminar will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for Dr. Duane Smith and friends!

On-going exercise program development and equipment testing.

Link to books, videos and equipment!

Needak sends our Immune System Video, one of Al Carter's lectures, with every rebounder.
Effectively borrowed, copied and utilized for the health and wellness of many! None
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Same-Day Shipping Y
Only 4 to 6 business days to destination via UPS, fast, guaranteed mint arrival condition
Often required to order through a distributor, additional third party steps in the shipping process, unregulated and variable shipping outcomes
Often required to order through a distributor, additional third party steps in the shipping process, unregulated and variable shipping outcomes

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Retail Price, Standard ReboundAIR:
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$29 to 69

Retail Price, Half-Fold Model $329.95
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Life-Tec and Life-Tec Half-Fold copies sell at around

Varies $99 to $149.

Retail Price, Quarter-Fold Model $359.95
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