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Distance Learning Division of the American Institute of Reboundology, Inc.


1. Meet the world renowned author and lecturer, Al Carter, featured in the DVDs.
2. Meet your assistant instructor over e-mail "Q&A", Darren Carter.
3. Read some helpful information about the course.
4. Browse the DVD chapter outline of topics covered.
5. Read what the graduates have to say.
6. Check out what books we recommend to accompany and enhance your learning.
7. Find out important contact and enrollment information.

We filmed Al Carter's life-altering two-day world tour seminar and condensed it to 3 DVDs! Results?
Introducing the new Certified Reboundologist™ Distance Learning Course! Enroll today!

ReboundAIR Distance Learning Package


  • A set 3 DVDs, comprised of 18 seminar "chapters", including exclusive fascinating biologic footage.
  • A full-color 120 page student manual.
  • Al Carter's new book Rebound Exercise, The Exercise of the New Millennium.
  • Questions answered by one of our Certified Reboundologists.
  • Exam scoring and corrections service.
  • Certificate of completion / credentials Certified Reboundologist™ (or CR) once criteria are met.
  • Earn $50! We are offering a $50.00 new referral bonus incentive. After you enroll in the course, we will send you a $50 check for each student who completes the course you refer to us! How many family members and friends would benefit from this course?

Darren Carter Professional Trampolinist, Certified Reboundologist

Your assistant instructor over e-mail "Q&A" is Darren Carter, BS, RCS, Professional Trampolinist, Certified Reboundologist™.  Darren received his Bachelor of Science at BYU as a Health and Fitness Promotion major with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology.  His fascination with the cardiovascular system took him to Dallas where he completed his formal education in diagnostic medical school.  He currently works part-time for The Heart Center, a group of 20 Cardiologists in Salt Lake City as a Registered Cardiac Sonographer (performs ultrasound exams on the heart).  Darren also works full-time as Chief Operations Officer / Webmaster for his father, Al Carter, here at the American Institute of Reboundology, Inc.  (That explains why he has been rebounding since he took his first step! Darren's "Before-After" Fitness Photos)

Darren is married to a beautifully fabulous (and fabulously beautiful) woman named Anya. They have three absolutely adorable bouncin’ babies, Britain, Legend and princess Eveya.


One of the advantages of e-mail supported educational courses is the convenience of placing questions right on the professor's desk. Yours will be answered by a Certified Reboundologist™ here at the Institute.

Recently featured on CNN was an amazing report of major university campus-based class scores vs. the scores of identical courses of the universities’ distance learning web-based and correspondence learning Meet Larry Lymphocyte, a Cytotoxic T-Cell Captain within your body. Who knew? programs.

The average scores of the distance learning off-campus courses were slightly higher!

This difference was attributed to a few emerging advantages the virtual campus and home-based study has over a real campus:

  • Students more often complete all of the assigned reading.
  • The total number of courses the students are enrolled in simultaneously is lower at home.
  • Personal interaction between staff and students is improved with the ease of e-mail.
  • Convenience and the extended time allowed to complete an on-line or DVD course sometimes translates to less stress and perhaps less "cramming" for tests.

The Certified Reboundologist™ Distance Learning Correspondence Course offers all of these advantages.

We are confident you will find this program to be enlightening, fascinating, useful and applicable. It may even alter the way you look at life! At least, it will motivate you to improve your health because most graduates say they gain a better appreciation of the human body during the course.

Valuable information, such as that which is presented in this program, typically increases the effectiveness of salespeople, consultants and therapists working in health related fields.

However, no matter your interests and profession, periodically enrolling in training programs and continuing education programs is a wise choice for anyone wishing to keep their minds open to ideas that work and their "saws sharpened" to the cutting edge.



he Certified Reboundologist™ Distance Learning Correspondence Course is divided into three major sections, each with approximately 6 chapters totaling about 8 to 10 hours of study. 

A seminar study manual is included to be used in combination with the DVD Seminar, featuring Al Carter.

The final exam will be sent in a sealed envelop.  You have the option of opening the envelope to preview the questions and refer to them as you go, OR, to keep it sealed and take it at the end of study.  It is your choice:  open book test or closed book final exam, depending on your confidence level with taking exams.  

The criteria is met when you know the correct answers to at least 70% of the exam questions.

The test is comprised of multiple choice, true/false and matching questions with the possibility of short essay questions.

After successfully completing the final you will be awarded a certificate and all the rights and privileges associated with becoming a Certified Reboundologist.

Sign up and pay by internet order page or by phone. 3 or 4 days later, you will receive the packaged course materials by way of UPS.

DVD 1 Chapter One: The Healthy Cell Concept
Chapter Two: Understanding the Cell
Chapter Three: Cell Communication
Chapter Four: Cell Environment
Chapter Five: Cell Food
Chapter Six: Cell Exercise
DVD 2 Chapter Seven: The Lymphatic System
Chapter Eight: The Immune System
Chapter Nine: Better Balance
Chapter Ten: Rebound Vision
Chapter Eleven: Muscles and Bones
DVD 3 Chapter Twelve: Rebounding and the Woman
Chapter Thirteen: Therapeutic Rebounding
Chapter Fourteen: Rebounding Makes Better Athletes
Chapter Fifteen: Rebounding and the Executive
Chapter Sixteen: Rebound Aerobics Class
Chapter Seventeen: Rebound Education
Chapter Eighteen: Self Improvement


  • Review the student manual and read the new book, Rebound Exercise, the Exercise for the New Millennium
  • Review your notes
  • Take the Final Exam
  • Send completed exam to us.
  • We will correct your exam and send you the Certificate of Achievement with your new credentials!

AIR, Inc.
Attn: Distance Learning Division
520 South Commerce Dr.
Orem, UT 84058

(The syllabus is subject to change. We are always improving our information.)


The knowledge gained about my whole body is invaluable! It creates a desire to improve your whole life! People should take this course once a year! Fantastic!"
–Karen Fletcher, Lincoln, NE

"Health is your responsibility. This seminar will give you the knowledge to take charge of your health."
–Dr. Robert C Kenny, Indian River, MI

"Recommend? Absolutely! The material was presented so clearly and logically that the truth of it was never in question. We need never die of Cancer or suffer other debilitating conditions or diseases."
–Clark Laurien, Albuquerque, NM


Smart Exercise by Covert Bailey.

I recommend reading this book for its fun analogies of how the body responds to activity and diet. Not only are Mr. Bailey and Al Carter the same age, they have another quality in common: They know how to teach while entertaining their audience! Al calls this "educainment".

Smart Exercise contains very solid information in an easy to understand format that will help you through the basic exercise physiology segment of this course.

Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance by Scott K. Powers and Edward T Howley.

I recommend this text for those who require deeper explanations of physiologic principles and systems. Composed with clarity and a thorough style (50 to 150 references listed at the end of each chapter), at an undergraduate level of comprehension.

This is the text of choice for the first step of those who eventually become Exercise Physiologists by degree.

However, considering the purpose and objective of our course, we will not test to this level of detail! (Is there anyone disappointed?)


We are now enrolling and shipping the package to our first distance learning students. Course availability? Check your chair in front of the computer DVD or TV-DVD at home or at your office. If it is vacant for about one hour sometime during the day, for the next 8 to 10 days, then we have the materials available and you have the means by which to participate with us!

Certified ReboundologistTM Course Fee: $495 Retail Customers. $295 Distributor Members.

$$$$$ Savings: In addition, you will save time and money since no travel or lodging is required to attend!
For more information, or to sign up, please give us a call toll free 1-888-464-JUMP, or order by secure order form.

Feel free to ask our Certified Reboundologists a question: Research@healthbounce.com "Thank you for visiting!"