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Al Carter, Founder, Olympian

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'BIG' NEWS: Prime time TV show Biggest Loser PURCHASED 8 QUARTER FOLD REBOUNDERS! Biggest Loser now joins The Doctors (January 7th episode!), The Today Show, Anthony Robbins, N.A.S.A., Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, ImmunoLabs, the former President Ronald Reagan, the Natalia Rose, Donna Partow, ALL 20 of Italy's Virgin Active clubs and many others (since 1977!) in their purchase of Al Carter's fine rebounders!

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Rebounder mini trampolines to last a lifetime!


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Rebounders Compared, The Best Rebounder Mini Trampolines

1) "Biggest Loser" featured Quarter Fold ReboundAIR, was $400, now $379 (4 Gifts)
2) "The Doctors" Half Fold "Health Trends 2011" + "Stay Young 2012" now $349 (3 Gifts)
3) "Today Show" recommended Standard ReboundAIR, was $340, now $329 (2 Gifts)

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NEWS: Red ReboundAIR™
Half Fold awarded

-TV's The Doctors





ReboundAIR™ clients: Tony Robbins, US Marines (Larsen's Gym, Virginia), Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (Fat Flush For Life), Prime Time TV's The Doctors TWICE, Today Show, Biggest Loser.... and... YOU? Join Us! JUMP to it!



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2013 WORLD NEWS: ReboundAIR-obics now spreading in Spain!
Watch the Jump4Joy Network on our Half Folds & Quarter Folds recently in Rome, Italy:


Rebounder Reviews, The Best Rebounder Mini TrampolinesNEW REBOUNDER REVIEW: "This new Quarter Fold rebounder is fantastic!" " many forms of exercise makes you laugh or smile?" Read Leah's Full Rebounder Review: Eco Mama's Guide to Living Green









ReboundAIR Cardiac Rehabilitation
"Among his patients of ANY age, I am setting fastest blood pressure stabilization and heart rate normalization records by carefully using a ReboundAIR.  Right now, gentle rebounding and slow walking are the only aerobic / lymphatic stimulating / safe "healing-promoting" physical activities that don't hurt me (this side of sleeping)!"
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  • Science endorsements!
    N.A.S.A. study:
    "rebounding 68% more... than jogging"
  • More Video News: ReboundAIR™Click to visit ReboundAIR rebounders on YouTube!
    exercise mini trampolines heating up Europe!
  • "Best Folding Rebounders"
    in the media, blogs, 2010 radio shows
  • Dr. Ann Gittleman LOVES us inClick to read Dr. Ann's ReboundAIR endorsement!
    Fat Flush For Life
  • Natalia Rose LOVES us in
    Detox the World!
  • Kevin Trudeau LOVES us in Natural Cures
  • Rebounder Exercise Questions?
    Special needs?
    It's all here


ReboundAIR-obics heating up Europe!

Join us!  + Facebook rebounder mini trampoline reviews!NEW FACEBOOK FAN VIDEOS: Donna Partow's JumpStart (USA) & Jump4Joy's Art (Italy):

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"Solid advice:  Look for the Best Built, Most Innovative Rebounder."

Click to view Nation's Top Fitness TrampolinesToday Show: ReboundAIR™ in Times Square
Al Carter's ALL Component Lifetime Warranty covers the "best built, most innovative exercise mini trampolines." Watch as fitness expert Kathy Kaehler reviews the nation’s top rebounders.


Click to visit Psychology TodayFeatured Rebounder: Special Thanks to!
What We Do Best: The ReboundAIR™ Mini Trampoline Fitness Mission

Endorsed by rebounding pioneer and innovator Al Carter, the American Institute of Reboundology, Inc. (AIR, Inc.) is the leading manufacturer of high-quality rebounder mini trampolines. Our mission is to increase public awareness of the many benefits of Rebounder Aerobics and Resistive Strength Rebounding while explaining the superior engineering of the ReboundAIR™. Learn more about Al Carter, our founder and world-renowned authority of the World Rebound Exercise Industry and ReboundAIR™ Inc: “28 Years of Innovation”.


Become a ReboundAIR™ Mini Trampoline Wholesaler of the Best Built, BEST $ELLING Rebounder! Whether you’re hoping to share the benefits of rebounding with loved ones or looking for ways to expand your business, our no-hassle distributor program is a great opportunity for getting discounted rates on all ReboundAIR™ products. Learn more about how to become a ReboundAIR™ wholesaler.

"We stand behind our product.  In fact, we jump on our product!"

Got Results? What seems to be working for you?
If you have experienced improvements by participating in our Rebounder Aerobics and Resistive Rebounding programs, we would love to hear about your personal diet, exercise details, weight loss and wellness progress.Your advice could motivate other clients with the same objectives. Join our forum and chat or e-mail us your testimonial.Visit the testimonials page for the latest client progress reports.

So, what's all the buzz about the "new" trend?
Why in the world should we rebound in the first place? The following are the best reasons we can think of.
These have withstood the test of the past 29 years. Which will YOU most benefit from?


Click to listen to a fascinating  presentation! New In-home Rebound Education Program:
Earn your “CR” credentials in one weekend. 3 DVDs and a matching student manual!
The Certification Distance Learning Course is now enrolling. No need to travel to Al Carter's famous two-day seminar. He will come to your house this time.
  • The Rebounder provides full aerobic and strength workouts. You will absolutely love our new DVDs! Improves muscle tone, firms skin
  • Significantly less shock (impact) to joints than jogging. ReboundAIR vs. Treadmill
  • Increased G-Force (gravitational load at the bottom of the bounce) creates a better workout for weight loss, strength improvements and bone mineralization
  • Can also be use by injured, disabled, and elderly
  • Rebounders are excellent for rehabilitation
  • Rebounding improves balance and coordination
  • Rebounding is convenient, cost effective and FUN!
  • A great starting point for the sedentary or a complimenting training mode for the athleteImproves circulation and immune function.
  • Rebounders stimulates Lymphatic System drainage preventing edema, bolstering cellular health
  • Children LOVE to bounce! Watch them quickly gain a keen sense of balance
  • Top quality rebound exercise equipment is used, endorsed and recommended by Doctors, Trainers, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists
  • The ReboundAIR works well with existing exercise equipment for a more complete workout
  • There is a large variety of exercise routines for all fitness levels

The rebounder has been around for years. However, never before has it been manufactured with such meticulous specifications. You would think that by making a rebounder as portable as ours, sturdiness would suffer. Not true. Our Quarter-Fold and Half-Fold are able to stand up to the same punishment as our non-folding units. All of our ReboundAIR rebounders come with a money back guarantee and the best warranty in the rebound exercise industry. For more detail about how the body responds to rebounding, please read "33 Ways" By Dr. Walker and Al Carter


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